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Coast Modern: Love By Design

Meet husband and wife Cecilia + Bryce Cole, co-founders of the locally loved Coast Modern in Seal Beach, whose highly intentional lives project the high impact of their design experience from graphics to textiles to architecture. 

Coast Modern

Q.. How do you know each other?

A.  We met while Bryce was designing a men’s clothing line and I worked for the agent who was handling the manufacturing. 

Q. What is good design to you? 

A. Good design is pleasing to the eye, functions well while being simple and in some cases elevates your consciousness.

Q. What is better living to you?

A. Everyday of our life we are dependent on products, systems and structures that were designed and created by someone, those designs when good, make our life better, good design can improve the quality of our life, that is why we say “Good design for better living”.  

Q. Why the name Coast Modern?

A.  We both love architecture, we would go to architectural tours often and even lent our home for one many years ago.  We also had the pleasure of seeing and meeting Julius Shulman a few times and saw many architectural documentaries, Coast Modern is one of them and we thought the name made sense being two blocks from the beach and represented our passion for mid century art, architecture and design. 

Link to trailer: Coast Modern Documentary

Q. What is your most memorable meal together?

A. Our first date. We went for a drink while waiting for a table and realized more than an hour later that we had forgotten we were waiting for a table or that we were hungry. We have been together ever since. 

Q. What is your most prized possession? 

A. We are grateful for our home and the furniture we have been able to collect.  Yet, the memories of our time together,  traveling, doing home projects while listening to music, watching our son grow up and turn into an adult we are very proud of.  Those memories and the time we get to spend together and with the people we love are priceless.  

Q. What is your idea of perfect happiness?

A. Traveling. 

Q. What is your greatest extravagance? 

A.  I think for myself (Cecilia) my extravagance is shopping at the Farmer’s Market in Orange, the kombucha bread is phenomenal, though not economical and the cheese is addictive, the celery looks like a flower arrangement and the rest of the fresh produce are just as lovely.  Bryce seems to never have enough mechanical pencils and notebooks.

Q. If you could change one thing about how people approach design what would it be?

A. From Bryce:  To Keep it simple.

Q. What designer inspires you?

A. Bjarke Ingels for me (Cecilia) for Bryce:  Paul Smith , Craig Elwood + Alexander Girard

Q. What words or phrases to you over use? 

A. “Clear accounts, long friendships”  though, Bryce says I use the “F” word the most, ha ha ha !!

Q. What do you hope to accomplish in life?

A. Be of contribution to others and if we can make a difference in the world, it will make us very happy. 

Q. What is your motto?

A. Be kind to others and be kind to yourself too. 

Bryce + Cecilia Cole of Coast Modern in Seal Beach

We are thrilled to have Coast Modern open their doors to our next communal dinner party with the talented Chef Kyle Powers!

Their Mid-Century Modern vibe at their Coast Modern home is intimate, well curated, and with its smart use-of -space, warmly reminds us of our favorite meals enjoyed in the cozy restaurants of Japan.

Join us as we gather to partake in cocktails and mingling leading up to a chef crafted menu + wine pairing….. all while enjoying {the rediscovered art} of conversation.

Come on a lark with us on Friday February 22, 2019! Tickets $125 per person includes good vibes, four course meal + wine pairing curated by Chef Kyle Powers.

Purchase Tickets: Let’s Go On A Lark!

Lark x Costa Cabana x RCTNGL

Friday, January 25, 2019. Lark #44 Where Fashion Culture meets Food Culture, the photos say it all. We had the most amazing time on a lark at the super hip fashion house of Costa Cabana in East Side Costa Mesa enjoying the tropical vibe, food, drinks + {the lost art of} conversation.

Here we collaborated “hand in hand” with the talented and passionate chefs of L.A.’s rctngl {the shape of a table} who shared their version of “Asia meets L.A.” delicious Kamayan experience; where we all enjoyed eating with our hands!

We are grateful to all the beautiful people who gathered to make this a memorable & magical evening. Special thanks to Chef Andrew Marco+ Chef Ralph Hsiao of @rctngl, Lauren Flores of @costacabana, @stylingbyjo, @lunareeceramics, @frenchbuckets, @housebeer, @theurbanspring, @maysonhauck, Daniel Perlof and our forever curious + adventurous guests!

Menu crafted by @rctngl:

INATOG/corn, calamansi butter, palapa, red onion, cilantro

BROKOLI/broccolini, pinakurat aioli, fermented fresno, palapa

INIHAW NA BABOY/pork jowl, banana ketchup marinade, garlic

PINRITONG MAYA MAYA/red snapper, soy, lemongrass, garlic, ginger

INIHAW NA HIPON/shrimp, crab fat, lemongrass

ADOBONG PAKPAK/chicken wings, sorry, vin, garlic

LUMPIA SHANGHAI/eggroll, pork, carrot, onion, peas

LECHE FLAN/creme caramel, raspberry, Japanese shiso, caramel shards

+ + + + +

Modern. Organic. Inspirational. Social Dining. Come on a lark with us! Next up, 2/22/19 at Coast Modern in Seal Beach with the talented + self-taught Chef Kyle Powers.

Gin & Pom Cocktail with Marigold compliments of rctngl
INATOG/corn, calamansi butter, palapa, red onion, cilantro
PINRITONG MAYA MAYA/red snapper, soy, lemongrass, garlic, ginger
ADOBONG PAKPAK/chicken wings, sorry, vin, garlic
On a super fun lark with @rctngl at Costa Cabana in East Side Costa Mesa!
LUMPIA SHANGHAI/eggroll, pork, carrot, onion, peas
On a super fun lark with @rctngl at Costa Cabana in East Side Costa Mesa!
On a super fun lark with @rctngl at Costa Cabana in East Side Costa Mesa!
On a super fun lark with @rctngl at Costa Cabana in East Side Costa Mesa!
PINRITONG MAYA MAYA/red snapper, soy, lemongrass, garlic, ginger + House Beer!
Ladies who lark!
LECHE FLAN/creme caramel, raspberry, Japanese shiso, caramel shards
On a super fun lark with @rctngl at Costa Cabana in East Side Costa Mesa!

Photo credit to our favorite foodie + conversationalist

Meet Chefs Andrew Marco + Ralph Hsiao of RCTNGL

Andrew Marco + Ralph Hsiao of rctngl

Q. How do you know each other?

R: We met in college at UCI.

M: :we’ve been roommates, co-workers, business partners, and cooking buddies since our college days.

Q. What made you take “the leap” in pursuing your passions full time?

R: To be able to work for ourselves and enjoy what we do. Our passion will never reach its full potential if we don’t put our all into it

M: you can’t fight that feeling of wanting to do something you really love for very long. 

Q. Why the name RCTNGL?

rctngl came about while we were sitting around our table brainstorming ideas for a name. we thought about how we started with hosting pot lucks at our house to stay in touch with our friends. we threw around ideas until we looked down at the table, a simple rctngl.

far more than a flat surface upon which to dine, the table can be the heartbeat of a family. it’s a place to gather, to talk and to reconnect. the dining table has always been a symbol of many things: the place where we nourish ourselves, where we come together, celebrate important milestones, share experiences, and create new understandings. it is a place often associated with the word conviviality; a word that means festivity, joviality, cordiality and friendliness.

regardless of other differences, all cultures across the world (and through time) view the dining table with the same significance. 

Q. What is your most memorable meal (one you made or one you’ve had)?

M: oddly enough, it was a meal in Italy. long story short, before we had any direction of how or what we wanted to cook, we cooked anything and everything.

we traveled to Italy for a friend’s wedding and had amazing food; pastas, charcuterie, wine, everything was amazing. however, if someone were to ask us what the nuances of a dish was or what differentiates this from the other, we wouldn’t be able to truly say anything because it’s not something we had a deep connection to, it’s not what we grew up eating.

it was at that moment that we both realized we need to pull from the things that are authentic to us and who we are, and thus turned into the food we make for rctngl. 

Q. What is the most exotic thing you’ve ever made?

M: i wouldn’t say it’s exotic, but I would say that it’s adventurous, we ferment a lot of ingredients that we showcase in our dishes.

the funkiest ferment that we’ve made but yielded the most amazing flavor was a ferment of a mushroom called Lion’s Mane. Raw, it tastes briny and almost seafood like, when it ferments it picks up the scent and flavor of a nicely aged cheese.

Q. What is your most prized ingredient? 

R: Love…haha…

M: vinegars, that stuff runs through my blood

Q. What is your idea of perfect happiness?

R: Taking care of my family and loved ones. doing all that i can to make sure they are well and healthy.

M: sharing meals with strangers who then become friends.

Q. What is your greatest extravagance?

R: My toy and sneaker collections. 

M: anything related to food, my budget is like 20% rent, 80% things that go into my mouth.

Q. What do you find yourself saying when people ask what it’s like to be a chef?

R: I’m not a chef. just an avid home cook.

M: be prepared to wash a lot of dishes.

Q. What is your current state of mind?

R: rctngl

M: same as Ralph’s state of mind

Q. If you could change one thing about how people enjoy food, what would it be?

R: I wouldn’t. that’s the beauty in all of us. We are all individuals with our own experiences and tastes. That’s the challenge. To create and share food that all people can experience.

M: i would say to be able to try to understand food contextually and out of your own opinions of it. food is an expression of the person cooking it. it may be a reflection of an experience of growing up, or having a meal in a different country, each dish has a semblance of history with it. know that with each bite, you’re stepping into their world and why they want to share it with you.

Q. What chef inspires you?

M: at this moment, I would say Rene Redzepi. he released a book last year in October and it’s changed the way I think and prepare food when it comes to fermentation. he really teaches you not only how to preserve foods, but to take a single ingredient, apply time to it, and make it taste so much more complex. 

Q. What words or phrases to you over use? 

R: I don’t know because I probably over use those same words and phrases haha.

M: “Fair enough.” a go-to phrase that makes sense in all conversations.

Q. What do you most value about food culture?

R: Food is most often times the first barrier of entry into another person’s world. another person’s culture. you literally get a taste of what that culture is. If we are open to eating new and different foods, we can be open with each other. Food can cultivate connection, which can lead to evolving culture. The diverse Los Angeles food scene is a perfect example of that.

M: i agree with Ralph. we’re living in a very special time, people are more adventurous to traveling to different parts of town just to eat food. not only are you possibly indulging in another culture’s cuisine, you’re going to new parts of town that you haven’t seen before. we’re getting out of our bubbles, whether it be by location or by taste.

Q. What do you hope to accomplish in life?

R: Leave our mark in the city we love, Los Angeles.

M: being able to make LA as proud of us as we are of it.

Q. What is your motto?

break bread with us.


+ + + + +

Come on a lark with us!

Join us for a welcome cocktail + mingling leading up to an amazing chef crafted Kamayan dining experience all while enjoying the {rediscovered} art of conversation.

1686 Tustin Avenue
Costa Mesa, California 92627
(cross streets: 17th & Tustin)

+ + + + +

Friday, January 25, 2019, 6:30pm-9:30pm
$95. per person, all-inclusive Kamayan style dinner + house beer 

Purchase Tickets*: Let’s Go On A Lark!
*Non-refundable/absolutely transferableP

+ + + + + 

{Holiday) Lark + Concept Studio Inc. + Chef Kyle Powers

It was summer, lark was growing and our biggest challenge, TIME, becoming more challenging. We had thought about “the leap” a thousand times, even writing our perfect life scenario: time for all the things that make a life well, a life. The day arrived. Courage, confidence and faith showed up and swept fears aside.

I had worked at Concept Studio Inc. for a little under two years. From day one, I always felt it was informing me with its character, dedication and beauty. My co-workers were more like family with a colorful and inspiring history. A pretty bow on everything. A shiny and evolving showroom gleaming with style and beauty. But, it was time.

My voice cracked when I shared the news, an emotion over took me-completely by surprise. I really felt for the people I worked with and cherished the relationships and I was sad to leave them behind…but then a funny thing happened. A real life best-case-scenario. They were sticking with me after all. They supported and encouraged me. They rang with ideas and excitement. All of which I am so very grateful. It was therefore an honor to create a special lark holiday, just for us.

Popping up in a home brings a certain intimacy and this beautiful space was no exception. We dined outdoors (yes, we are in California) with a view of a gorgeous kitchen on one side-to enjoy prep + plate-and a well manicured garden on the other, twinkle lights all around. Wine poured, candles burned, music played all while enjoying the lost art of conversation.

Menu curated by the talented Chef Kyle Powers of 
Fork In the Road Catering

1/mushroom toast crispy mushrooms + white kimchi

2/pearl couscous, roasted winer squash, spicy pear, fennel + golden peppadew dressing

3/short rib stew w/roasted carrots + melting potato: <vegetarian stew alternate>

4/pear pudding crumble 

5/purple sweet potato pie, salted peach coating candy, root beer custard  


Modern. Organic. Inspirational. Social Dining. Come on a lark with us!

On a super fun holiday lark with Concept Studio!
Super fun times on a holiday lark with Concept Studio!
Super fun times on a holiday lark with Concept Studio! Cheers! Winter 2018.
Super fun times on a holiday lark with Concept Studio!
Super fun times on a holiday lark with Concept Studio!
spicy pear, fennel + golden peppadew dressing compliments of Chef Kyle Powers!
Gorgeous jewel toned florals by French Buckets!
short rib stew w/roasted carrots + melting potato compliments of Chef Kyle Powers!
Super fun times on a holiday lark with Concept Studio!

Imagery captured by our favorite foodie + conversationalist, Mitch Maher of

Lark + Luna | Made in California

These gorgeous hand made ceramics by Andrea Luna Reece adorn our communal tables

We are so honored to share our collaboration with local artist Andrea Luna Reece whose gorgeous (and yummy) plates + bowls adorn our communal tables and where each handmade piece carries the passion and love she has for her craft.

Style. Beauty. Function. | @lunareececeramics

Interview with VoyageLA

November 13, 2018

Many thanks to the VoyagerLA for reaching out to us and sharing our story!

Here is a link to the article:

We hope to see you on a lark soon! xo~l

Lisa Martinez on a lark at The Hood Kitchen Space in Costa Mesa



Lark + Lawrence Fodor + Chef Kyle Powers

Friday, October 19, 2018

Our return to the DTLA loft of Lawrence Fodor was warm and welcoming thanks to the generosity of the artist in residence and the gorgeous people who gathered at our communal table.

On a super fun lark in DTLA with Chef Kyle Powers

We loved sharing with our guests how this talented artist recreates allegorical masterpieces from the past and transforms them into gorgeous relevant abstract visual paintings that translates to the modern world.

Lawrence Fodor rocking the vibe on a lark at his artist loft in DTLA

Chef Kyle Powers put all his good energy into a phenomenal menu – it helps to have an actual kitchen!

Chef Kyle Powers rocks the vibe on a lark in DTLA.


MENU by Chef Kyle Powers:

1/buzz button tea 2/split pea soup w/langostino mouse, smoked ham + korean pancake 3/Beef carpaccio salad w/avocado-cauliflower puree + caper berries 4/Braised black cod, crispy black rice, kimchi tomato sauce, pickled fennel chutney 5/coffee flour pancake, whipped chocolate maple butter, salted pumpkin seed brittle


We are grateful to have Wine Aficionado Tyler Rodriguez helping with plate + pour to keep all the good vibes flowing.

Tyle Rodriguez on a super fun lark in DTLA

Split Pea Soup enjoyed on a lark in DTLA

We also are thankful Alex Samples help us rock the entire event from gates to freight elevators to plates in/out and final wrap – in this stunning outfit.

What to wear on a lark? Whatever makes you feel beautiful.

Super fun times, thanks to our amazing guests, on a lark in DTLA!

Special thanks to: @lunareececeramics, @frenchbuckets, @hartleycashhaus, @theurbanspring, @bodylanguageyoga, @thestorytellerstudio. Photo credit goes to Mitch Maher of who is also our favorite conversationalist. Create + Collaborate + Elevate

A little Fall love consisting of yummy hand made Alpaca throws from The Storyteller Studio in Louisville Kentucky

Setting the good vibes with @hartleyycashaus + @lawrencefodor

Soaking up the radiant artsy vibes of DTLA!

Modern. Organic. Inspirational. Social Dining.

Next lark Thursday 11/15/18 at The Hangout on 4th Street’s “Retro Row” in Long Beach. Grab your curious + adventurous friends and come on a lark with us!


Lark + Mindy Gayer Design & Hati Hati Home + Chef Kyle Powers

Friday, October 5, 2018

On a lark at Mindy Gayer Design Co. + Hati Hati Home in West Side Costa Mesa

Hard to believe we are on lark #41! We started on “a dollar and a dream”, looking to combine what we loved professionally (producing) with what we love personally (people, food, wine & design). It’s been a fun and fulfilling adventure and our favorite part is being able to share it with you!

We discovered this diamond in the rough and immediately fell in love. Thankful to shortly thereafter, and coincidentally, make the acquaintance of local + clearly talented designer Mindy Gayer who envisioned and created this amazing space with her dreamer + doer business partner Kayla Adams and their joint venture of the gorgeous Balinese furnishings of Hati Hati Home.

Hanging out here with a heart & soul on a super fun lark at Mindy Gayer Design & Hati Hati Home in Costa Mesa

In scouting the space, we had a ton of ideas on how and when to create and collaborate on a lark – and we were quick to adapt when timelines and locations changed.  We were so happy that we landed on the original vision of seeing a communal table through the gorgeous large windows of their cool + modern farmhouse-esque building. With the warm lightening, it was a beautiful and welcoming sight. 

Super fun times on a lark at Mindy Gayer Design + Hati Hati Home

We are thankful for all the beautiful people who gathered in this intimate and inspirational space to enjoy the company of friends and family, enjoy amazing food and partake in the rediscovered art of conversation.

Special thanks to Mindy Gayer and Kayla Adams for opening their doors to us!  Also, much love to Chef Kyle PowersSommelier Tyler RodriguezPhotographer MBMaherCeramicist Andrea Luna Reece, the hip & knowledgeable purveyors of H2O The Urban Spring, Florista French Buckets , dreamers at Christy Coffee and Illustrator My Middle Name Is Starr for making this an evening to remember.

Modern, organic, social dining ~ come on a lark with us! 

Next lark Friday 10/19/18 at painter + photographer Lawrence Fodor’s Artist Loft in the vibrant Arts District of DTLA,

Super fun (& delicious) times on a lark at Mindy Gayer Design Co. + Hati Hati Home

Always On A Lark!

Chasing grace on Guerrilla lark #5!  This fast, fun and unpredictable style of setting communal tables and sharing meals allows our crew to express themselves, generate ideas and inspiration, create beautiful imagery, highlight and thank our collaborators and dream of future larks.

We had just one hour… and we could have shrugged it off, but instead we all showed and brought our best.  Friends, both old and new – all embarking on their own adventures – gather to create + collaborate + elevate!

Location: @mindygayerdesign + @hatihome
Talent: @christycoffee @andrealunareece @thegivingcrate
Floral: @frenchbuckets
Photography: @lanedittoe

Jonathan Christy, Andrea Luna Reece, Lisa Martinez & Emily Yarush

Creative Session: Create + Collaborate + Elevate

Jonathan Christy @christycoffeeco Thrilled too share their organic cold brew coffee on lark #41!

Rocking the vibe with these gorgeous end chairs by Hati Hati Home!

We like to call it “California style”.

Andrea Luna Reece meets Hati Hati Home on a super fun creative sesh!

Emily Yarush of The Giving Crate embraces some love from French Buckets!

Orange Coast Magazine: Off-The-Grid Dining Events

Thrilled to be featured in Orange Coast Magazine’s “Hidden” Issue (Oct. 2018) . Here’s the story behind the image, if you want to know more, you’ll have to come on a lark with us!

October 2018

Last winter we were fortunate to dine with friends – old and new – soaking up the hip vibes at the beautifully understated and modern aesthetic of Isles Interiors in Newport Beach while enjoying conversation between spoonfuls of piping hot Mortadella + Lobster Chowder.

The timely cold weather transported us home to simpler times. Thanks to all who gathered at the communal table to make this an evening to remember including @lunareececeramics + @theurbanspring. Special thanks to Maria & Max Isles.

Photo credit to

+ + + + +

Four Course Menu crafted by the talented Chef Kyle Powers of Fork In the Road Catering and Wine Pairing by wine aficionado Tyler Rodriguez.

Starters:  Spicy mango shrimp on avocado toast
Welcome drink: Corn Whiskey Old Fashion

On the table + Paired with Wine 

1/Shaved mushroom salad w/pecorino fennel cilantro and onion vinaigrette 2/Mortadella & lobster chowder 3/Advieh spiced lamb chop, braised lamb, with melting Yukon potato & fried greens 4/Pistachio ice cream in cinnamon tart, saffron apricot culi & spicy pear

>>>Veggie Option <<<

1/Shaved mushroom salad w/pecorino fennel cilantro & onion vinaigrette
2/Chili broth w/Farro & Beans
3/Roasted cabbage wedge w/melting potato and fried greens

On a super fun lark at Isles Interiors in Newport Beach