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Meet Chef Jim Sullivan, Q & A

Chef Jim Sullivan on a lark at The Hood Kitchen Space

Chef Jim Sullivan on a lark at The Hood Kitchen Space

We are thrilled to introduce Chef Jim Sullivan of Medium Raw Arts who we met on a lark at The Hood Kitchen Space last summer. Chef Jim is also a talented culinary photographer who captures food and pretty much anything associated with food. The best thing about Jim is his boundless enthusiasm for his craft. He will be cooking up the good vibes at our 1/30/16 DTLA lark at the Lawrence Fodor Loft.

What is your idea of the perfect meal?

I always think about this and ask my friends. What would my last meal be if I could pick anything? For me that’s easy, a hot spicy bowl of ramen w pork belly, poached egg and fresh herbs.

What living chef do you most admire?

I wouldn’t necessarily say a chef, more like person, my grandmother! This is a woman who was in WWII as a prisoner in a camp, left everything with just the clothes on her back and came to the US. Worked her ass off to raise 5 children (all are very successful) and has 16 grandchildren. That’s what inspires me!

What is you best, most simple, culinary advice?

Have FUN!

What is your motto?

Work hard, be humble…repeat!

What came first, food or photography?

Food/chef. I was doing pop up events after culinary school and people were taking images of my food with their iPhones, which were terrible. So I finally decided to get a DLSR and delve into food photography. This was about 3 years ago and since then my focus has been food/cocktail photography but still cook as much as I can.

How does your food and food photography influence each other?

For me they go hand in hand. My love for food drives my photography.

What foods/ingredients do you consider over or under rated?

I think a lot of “foodies” get caught up with the fancy ingredients i.e., foie gras or truffles. I like to keep it simple and just focus on fresh ingredients. I’m more of the adage less is more, which I feel you can see in my food and photography.

What was your most favorite dining experience?

Well Per Se in NYC definitely was the best restaurant dining experience. The way the FOH/BOH work in symmetry was amazing. BUT I will have to say the absolute best “food” experience was when I spent time in Paris. I stayed in a flat just a few blocks from the Eiffel Tower and was able to walk across street to all the available purveyors on a daily basis. I would walk to the fishmonger, pick out some fresh seafood and then walk over to vegetable stand and then go back and cook! The ability to have such amazing fresh and various purveyors right there was awesome! I wish I could have that every day! Being able talk to the purveyors and get what was fresh was so inspiring. Definitely want to have that experience again, soon! (on a side note: I do have this secret love for street food. The best thing I’ve eaten in awhile has to be in Tijuana. The food at Carwash del Torta is badass!)

Who is your favorite person to cook for?

My wife! Hands down. She is a foodie at heart, a great baker and my toughest critic.

What do you consider your greatest achievement?

Being able to provide for my family. My family is everything to me.


We love how this Chef/Photographer captures the heart of the culinary community. See Chef Jim’s delicious Baja inspired menu and come on a lark with us!




Since we are dreamers…

We went ahead an entered West Elm’s Local Small Business Grant contest!


In 75 characters or less, tell us about your business.*

Simple. Refreshing. Inspired. Stylish Underground Dining & Marketplace.

In 145 characters or less, tell us how this grant will help you achieve your business goals.* 

It will provide the resources to establish our own location and grow our offerings to include Design Consultation and eCommerce.

Tell us why and how you started your business.* 

To nurture and inspire individuals, making this a better world, even for a moment.  We began our business by “popping” up in various locations, including parks, boutiques and private residences.  Popping us allows us to keep our overhead costs low while we learn what works best for everyone.  Our motto is to “do, reflect, refine, & do again”.     

What do you love most about what you do?*

We love making ideas happen, with the perfect combination wit & whimsy,  just to see where it goes and how it inspires others.   We get to style locations, enjoy food + wine,  and have great conversations.

Tell us about your current work. What do you make? What’s special about the construction or materials used?*

We style our underground dinner party and marketplace locations.  We scout, acquire materials, and talent.  We use West Elm products as well as local designers to make our space beautiful and inspirational.

What 3 words would you use to describe your work and why?*

First would be “lark” because it is a true adventure!  Second would be “Inspired” because this is our goal.  Third would be “Refreshing” because it’s always fresh.

What are your goals for your business and your vision for growth?*

To open a quaint Brick & Mortar that offers Curated Goods, Event Space and Design Consultation.  Because it’s so much fun, we will continue producing underground dining and marketplace events, expanding to cities around the world, to facilitate the positive impact of design and community.


Here’s to all the dreamers!



2/23/13 “Bohemian Romance” at Viridian ~ Pictures

We had a wonderful time at Viridian in Costa Mesa!  Cheers to Lisa Kray for all her help and support.  We hope to have another event there soon!  Please visit www.viridianfinds.com, you will love it!


Wine, Appetizer & Cheese Plate greet you!

Wine, Appetizer & Cheese Plate greet you!Interior at ViridianInterior at Viridian


Pancetta and White Bean Soup topped with Kale Chips

Pancetta and White Bean Soup topped with Kale Chips

Janine & Lisa

Janine & Lisa

Herb Encrusted Rack of Lamb served with Polenta and a Demi Glaze Chanterelle Mushroom Sauce

Herb Encrusted Rack of Lamb served with Polenta and a Demi Glaze Chanterelle Mushroom Sauce

Homemade Strawberry Marshmallow with Dark Chocolate Mouse topped with White Chocolate Shavings

Homemade Strawberry Marshmallow with Dark Chocolate Mouse topped with White Chocolate Shavings


Lisa & Dawn

Lisa & Dawn


Interior at Viridian

Interior at Viridian


Loara, Gabi & Miss Daisey - Cheers!

Loara, Gabi & Miss Daisey – Cheers!





Dining in the Art Gallery, interior at Viridian

Dining in the Art Gallery, interior at Viridian


Interior at Viridi


Interior at Viridian

Interior at Viridian


Tina & Ray

Tina & Ray


Interior at Viridian

Interior at Viridian


Browsing vintage furnishings, unique objects, estate jewelry, and original art.

Browsing vintage furnishings, unique objects, estate jewelry, and original art.


Viridian Pop-Up team!

Viridian Pop-Up team!


The Making Of A Communal Table

We decided to host a communal pop-up diner party, yay!  But where can we get a table for 12?  Hmm, those beautiful farm tables are a bit pricey.  Fortunately, my talented husband and youngest son took it upon themselves built our table from raw Pinewood from Home Depot. They turned out solid and functional, but they needed a little character.

Screen Shot 2013-02-15 at 1.15.17 PM

A little research on Pinterest resulted in a simple DIY recipe for staining wood – one that would dry in just a few hours.  So on the very morning of our very first pop-up we stained the raw Pinewood with a concoction of steel wool, vinegar and coffee grounds (which we soaked together in even proportions for about 17 hours).    Once we applied the stain, we felt it needed a bit “more” so we grabbed that morning’s coffee grounds and rubbed them into the table, perfect!  While the table was drying a small rain shower made a brief visit leaving it’s own marks.  Results? Absolutely beautiful!

Joey's work of art.

Joey’s work of art.


Q & A with The Mad Platter Kitchen Chef, Kristen Trinh

Enjoy this Q & A with Kristen Trinh of The Mad Platter Kitchen.

Q. When did you realize you wanted to become a chef?

A. What inspired me to become a chef was my husband and I had a conversation one day about how much he appreciates my cooking and noticed how happy I am when I am cooking for him and our friends.  He lightly mentioned that I should try out culinary school. I honestly never thought about it before, but it made perfect sense to me and so I did.

Q. What is your earliest memory of cooking?

A.  I would say earliest memory of cooking was with my grandmother during holidays. We had family gatherings all the time and I would always help my grandmother in the kitchen. That’s what sparked my interest and passion for cooking.

Q. What is your favorite cuisine to cook?

A. My passion for cooking has led me to create delicious dishes from all regions all around the world, but my favorite food to cook is Southern Italian.

Q.You went to the Art Institute right?  Would you say that is where you obtained most of your skills?

A. In 2007 I went to Art Institute of Orange County where I studied the ‘Art of Cooking’ and graduated a year later.

Q. What roles did you play at Laguna Culinary Arts Cafe & School?

A. I started work at Laguna Culinary Arts in 2008 where I became a Fromage and worked in the kitchen for basic food prep. I slowly worked my way up to not only cooking in the kitchen but menu planning, food cost. managing the cafe, and instructing classes. From there I grew a strong interest to become a private chef and branch off to do catering and meal planning on my own which is where I am at today.

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