The Making Of A Communal Table

We decided to host a communal pop-up diner party, yay!  But where can we get a table for 12?  Hmm, those beautiful farm tables are a bit pricey.  Fortunately, my talented husband and youngest son took it upon themselves built our table from raw Pinewood from Home Depot. They turned out solid and functional, but they needed a little character.

Screen Shot 2013-02-15 at 1.15.17 PM

A little research on Pinterest resulted in a simple DIY recipe for staining wood – one that would dry in just a few hours.  So on the very morning of our very first pop-up we stained the raw Pinewood with a concoction of steel wool, vinegar and coffee grounds (which we soaked together in even proportions for about 17 hours).    Once we applied the stain, we felt it needed a bit “more” so we grabbed that morning’s coffee grounds and rubbed them into the table, perfect!  While the table was drying a small rain shower made a brief visit leaving it’s own marks.  Results? Absolutely beautiful!

Joey's work of art.
Joey’s work of art.