Simple. Refreshing. Inspirational.

Our lark begins with a pop-up concept, we host well styled underground dinner parties – in various locations –  for food lovers, who enjoy a sophisticated, unpretentious vibe with great conversation and beautiful design.

Believing food is an important lifestyle element, we are strong supporters of the slow food movement and embrace local, sustainable and organic fruits and vegetables. An emphasis is made to purchase all produce from local farms and farmers markets.

Also offered through our communal dining events is a small, quaint marketplace where elements used to style the event are available for sale.  We choose the majority of our products from local artisans and craftsman. We also source reclaimed, recycled pieces from consignment stores and flea markets. All items are currently “one-of-a-find”.

All larks are open invitation until all seats are full.  Due to nature of our events, menu is subject to slight changes. Produce sourced local & organic when available.

On a lark at Urban Americana in Long Beach, Calfornia

On a lark at Urban Americana in Long Beach, Calfornia