We create well styled communal dinner parties in Southern California for curious + adventurous people who love food, wine, fashion & design.

We pop-up in inspirational spaces, collaborate with people who are passionate about their craft, and send an invite to our followers.

If you see/hear of a lark–drop everything you are doing and join us! 

Image captured by Kara Kent on a super fun (& delicious) lark at Laura Brophy Interiors in Newport Beach.

Meet The Lark Crew! 

Founder/Creative Director, Lisa Gutierrez-Martinez

Lisa Martinez captured by Miss M Photography on a super fun (& delicious) lark at The Salt Horse in Laguna Beach.

Being the last child in a military family, Lisa Gutierrez-Martinez spent her formative years in Germany, gawking at the teenagers  ‘70’s attire and enjoying tea with adults. At age 7, she moved to Colorado where she developed her love of the great outdoors. A few years later she moved to Northern California where she was deluged in fashion and culture. She eventually settled in Southern California and has been fortunate to have explored many U.S. cities big and small as well as Japan, Canada and Argentina.

Her love of adventure and discovery led to her favorite pastime, “going on larks”.  Always a dreamer, she soon discovered a way to bring everyone along.

Lisa applies the knowledge and inspiration she acquired through her successful years producing still photo shoots in Los Angeles to bring connection and style to every communal dining experience.

Lisa holds a B.A. Degree in Psychology from CSU Fullerton (yes, she is analyzing you) and lives with her husband and two sons in the salty seaside town of Huntington Beach, California.

Chef Kyle Powers

Chef Kyle Powers captured by Candace Rock on a super fun (& delicious) lark at Devynn’s Garden in Seal Beach.

Southern California native Chef Kyle Powers can make magic happen. He is a self-taught culinary wonder and a lover of creating the most amazing food experiences.

A master at make-shift kitchens and on the tip top level on like-ability scale, he easily wins you over. Experiencing a lark with this master chef and personality sends good vibes in all directions.

Kyle and his wife, Marisa, own an amazing catering business called Fork In The RoadThey live in Long Beach with their two adorable children. 

Stylist/Production Assistant, Christina Peterson

Christina Peterson captured by James Huddy on a super fun (& delicious) guerrilla lark at Pirates Cove CdM.

Christina Peterson is an all-around talent who can see the big picture and jump in with creative solutions and style. 

Speaking of style, she’s our go-to for fashion inspiration which was impressed upon her at an early age by her mother from whom she can still raid the closet.

Lately, we’ve been “opening the kimono” so to speak by sharing what we are wearing to a lark with our guests – who really love it and we do too!

Christina has a shared love of adventure and discovery and has impressive experience working in the cutting edge world of marketing (RPA in Santa Monica) and currently lives in Huntington Beach with her husband and two sons. 

Chef Taylor Elam

Image captured by @the_primal_soul on a super fun (& delicious) lark at Sean Woolsey Studio in Costa Mesa.

What is remarkable about Chef Taylor Elam is that we arrived at what we can only call “trust & understating” fast. 

We know when he commits to a lark, he is in 110%, bringing all his knowledge, passion and good energy to every plate!

He also takes such pride where he sources food and how to honor the bounty and farmers by making the most of it (root to seed). His experience in high-end restaurants has resulted in a gracefulness which makes his work look effortless; although it is not. 

His life experience has brought him to value friends, family and people. Treating everyone with understanding and respect. It is always a pleasure to create with Chef Taylor and seeing what menu he’ll curate next!

Chef Taylor lives in Costa Mesa and is the founder of Merkato.

Artist / Ceramicist, Andrea Luna Reece

Andrea Luna Reece captured by Lane Ditto on a super fun (& delicious) guerrilla lark at MGD & Hati Home in West Side Costa Mesa

We love working shoulder to shoulder with the talented ceramist Andrea Luna Reece — our longest collaborator, whose beautiful handmade plates always adorn our communal table.

Her passion emanates through in every piece of artwork and the combination of color, texture, style & function always elevates the vibe.

Thrilled to share we added this amazing artist to the marketplace: shop-the-lark!

Andrea has a B.F.A. in Ceramics from CSU Long Beach and lives with her family in West Side Costa Mesa.

Talent Acquisition, Alissa Travers

Alissa Travers (middle) captured by Vacation Media on a super fun (& delicious) lark in Newport Beach

Alissa Travers came on a lark and never left! She has a love for people, adventure and all things culinary. Her energy, enthusiasm and ability to see the big picture keeps us going and ever evolving. 

One of her many talents is to connect lark with so many amazing people bridging and elevating opportunities that benefit everyone.

She has fond memories from her upbringing where she discovered and throughly enjoyed delicious food & conversation alongside her mother in the refined restaurants of Carmel.

Alissa has a B.A. in Journalism/Public Relations from CSU Long Beach and resides in Newport Beach.

Tyler Rodriguez

Tyler Rodriguez captured by Mitch Maher on a super fun lark at Lawrence Fodor Artist loft DTLA.

Sommelier Tyler Rodriguez (yoga and real estate by day, wine by night) is part of our original crew who always pours love + knowledge + good energy into pairing wine with our chef crafted menus.

Tyler,, who lives in Long Beach, is always moving towards the things he loves recently started a pop-up YOGA & Apparel business called BLVCK MANTRA.

Photographer Mitch Maher  

Photographer Mitch Maher (self capture) working from home on a remodel during lock down @ 2020-2021.

Mitch Maher is our favorite conversationalist, former bartender from San Francisco and professional photographer has captured many of larks, shaken some drinks, adventured in food & wine, hosted guerrilla larks and has had a birds eye view to this adventure since our early days.

When not traveling, can be found at his amazing casita in Long Beach known as Casa Blanca.


These amazing and talented people define the lark experience in countless ways and we find that working side by side brings a certain boundless energy to every communal table.


Create + Collaborate + Elevate

Cheers! Something about creating fills you up in so many ways. Image captured by Mitch Maher on a super fun guerrilla lark at Casa Blanca in Long Beach.



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