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Lark + Letter Sparrow

We are excited to announce our collaboration with Letter Sparrow, who will be designing our menu and place cards for our upcoming lark at 503found.  We only see good things coming from this talented artist and are honored to work with her.  xo~l FullSizeRender (8)

Inspiration (Retrospective). Lou-Lou’s House. Circa 1981.

When I was about 10 years old, I was invited to visit my friend Lou-Lou’s house in Bel Marin Keys.  My schoolmate had never mentioned anything about home and I had no expectations other than to play games, eat candy and watch movies.  As it often happens when visiting someone’s home, her life unfolded as I walked through the doors. I encountered calm and serene house, nothing standing out with the exception of several older sisters coming and going.  To my surprise her mom gave me direct attention and was obviously delighted by our child-adult conversation.  When the opportunity arose, we ventured outside and suddenly all my senses came to life.  Her mom had the most beautiful garden sanctuary I had ever seen.  It was child friendly and we able to tromp wherever we wanted without fear of reprimand.  The wild flowers and plants were intentionally unkempt; it was perfect and welcoming.  Their colors made the most delightful bouquets and changed throughout the day. The wrought iron garden furniture with stripped patterned pillows fit in as if they grew there themselves.   The feeling this Mediterranean garden evoked was so strong, I wanted to root myself to the ground and never leave – and in a way, I never did.   xo~L


5/16/14 “For The Dreamers” lark at 31 Bits in Costa Mesa

Our lark on Friday, May 16th was an amazing experience. Thanks to all the beautiful people who attended. We gathered around the communal table at the 31 Bits bungalow in Costa Mesa to enjoy food, wine, and great conversation. We appreciate Jessie, Courtney, and all of 31 Bits for sharing their space and story with us! We are truly inspired!

www.31Bits.com Using Fashion and Design to Empower Women to Rise Above Poverty.

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