Always On A Lark!

Chasing grace on Guerrilla lark #5!  This fast, fun and unpredictable style of setting communal tables and sharing meals allows our crew to express themselves, generate ideas and inspiration, create beautiful imagery, highlight and thank our collaborators and dream of future larks.

We had just one hour… and we could have shrugged it off, but instead we all showed and brought our best.  Friends, both old and new – all embarking on their own adventures – gather to create + collaborate + elevate!

Location: @mindygayerdesign + @hatihome
Talent: @christycoffee @andrealunareece @thegivingcrate
Floral: @frenchbuckets
Photography: @lanedittoe

Jonathan Christy, Andrea Luna Reece, Lisa Martinez & Emily Yarush
Creative Session: Create + Collaborate + Elevate
Jonathan Christy @christycoffeeco Thrilled too share their organic cold brew coffee on lark #41!
Rocking the vibe with these gorgeous end chairs by Hati Hati Home!
We like to call it “California style”.
Andrea Luna Reece meets Hati Hati Home on a super fun creative sesh!
Emily Yarush of The Giving Crate embraces some love from French Buckets!