Q+A with Lorraine Pennington | Costa Mesa, CA

We fell in love with Lorraine’s Pennington‘s minimalist paintings first. It was years later that we met her, by chance, and it honestly felt like a dream-come-to-life. Since then we have supported each other from afar but recently our brief scout at her gorgeous atelier turned into hours long conversation that still lingers and evokes thought + laughter. All we can say is, if you don’t know Lorraine Pennington, you should! We are grateful to bring everyone along on our next lark through these Proust inspired dinner party questions:

Where did you grow up?

I grew up in Echo Park with a musician father and mother who encouraged being artistic.

What is your favorite places to visit? 

I really love Italy, France and Spain.

When did you decide to become an artist?

I feel like I have always been drawn to creating…I enjoyed designing jewelry and tabletop accessories like a very large wall necklace I sold at A’MAREE’S and at Garde in Los Angeles. 

Art School yay or nay?

No. I didn’t go to art school.

We love your paintings and can easily describe it as peaceful, serene, organic…can you share any other cool or fun descriptions you’ve heard? 

I have heard the words Wabi-sabi and Calming. 

One of the best compliments was a client told me, who had one of my painting in their bedroom that they loved waking up and seeing my artwork, it put them in a good mood. I am a very positive person so my art has that energy.

We also love your jewelry which speaks so much to your aesthetic, you are no longer making but can you share any photos for us to swoon over?

I still design a few pieces of jewelry but I don’t do retail anymore. 

I love that people that bought my jewelry tell me they still wear it after buying it 8 years ago.

It is still the only jewelry I wear.

What is your idea of a great dining experience?

My idea of a great dining experience is having people you enjoy with great music and lighting and of course amazing food and drinks.

Are you the chef at home?

Yes I really enjoy cooking, I usually never use a recipe. 

What is you most coveted ingredient?

Fresh herbs and salt. My favorite food is sushi.

Any interesting stories of where your paintings have landed? 

My paintings have been in a few magazines…recently I was at my moms looking at her magazines and I opened a house beautiful and saw my artwork. I think almost every time my work has been published I found out by surprise opening up the magazine. I have sold art throughout United States. My favorite is when I get to see where the artwork is going in their home so local is always nice.

We would find it hard to “let go” of something so beautiful, how do reconcile with parting with your art?

Yes, I find it hard to let certain pieces of artwork go. I usually hide a few I am not ready to part with!  

What is your idea of perfect happiness?

I find that perfect happiness comes when you are fully present, and not expecting anything from the moment.

Any current books, shows or music you are enjoying?

I love to read and read a lot. I have been reading /studying Breaking The Habit Of Being Yourself by Joe Dispenza very intriguing book. I also read a lot of fiction. 

I really enjoy going to the library since I was a little kid so books are a big part of my life. I still like to hold a book in my hand and use a handmade bookmark so no kindle for me.

I try not to watch a lot of TV but on the weekends I do watch some like we just finished Succession and I watched Yellowstone. 

Music is another big deal for me I like a lot of different artist. One that comes to mind that I have listened to lately is Khruanghin.  

Lark imagery by @missymphotograhy & all others compliments of Lorraine Pennington.

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Modern. Organic. Inspirational. Social Dining. Come on a lark with us!

Lark #73 x Lorraine Pennington x Chef Matthew Roberts

We were honored to set the communal table, April 10, 2024, with our favorite minimalist artist @lorrainepennington at her beautiful + inviting atelier in West Side Costa Mesa.

Here we enjoyed welcome drinks & mingling, delighted in the beauty of imperfection, shared a chef curated dining experience and—best of all—partook in the (rediscovered) art of conversation.