Q+A with Häti Home | Costa Mesa, California

We are thrilled to have Hati Home open their doors to lark! We cannot wait to set our communal table in their cool + crafty showroom in West Side Costa Mesa. Their space is warm, inviting and inspiring. Lucky for us, everyone can come along with this fun Dinner Party Q+A with founders Adam & Kallie Thomson. 

Where are you from and where do you live now? 

Kallie and I are both from the Pacific Northwest, but have been bouncing between Bali and Costa Mesa for the last 15 years.

What experience introduced you to creating your business? 

Kallie and I had both worked with artisan groups in Uganda in a previous life, and we’ve always loved that connection with makers. Kallie is a creative at heart and I like to use my analytical brain to solve complex problems, which makes us a great pair. When we were outfitting our villa in Bali, we met a bunch of artisans and I think both of us thought, wow, this is pretty cool. It took the encouragement from a friend and the co-founder of the brand (Kayla Adams) for us to think of this furniture project in Bali as a really business opportunity. 

What drives you to create?

We’ve always been really interested in the question of how business can be used as a means to create economic change in communities in far of lands. Neither Kallie or myself would have thought of ourselves as creatives 15 years ago, but I think we figured out how to be good at things that brought the most value to the artisans we have been working with over the years. Creative design, understanding of the market here in the US and a drive to work hard were the things we were best positioned to bring to the table. 

What is behind the name Häti Home?

Hati means heart in Indonesian. The meaning of Heart Home was really attractive when we were looking for a name that was inspired by our intentions for how we would run the brand. I will tell you though… the next business we start will be called Furniture Company, LLC, because we always pick names that people are confused by.

When and where did Häti Home come about?

When we were outfitting our villa in Bali, we met a bunch of artisans and I think both of us thought, wow, this is pretty cool. It took the encouragement from a friend and the co-founder of the brand (Kayla Adams) for us to think of this furniture project in Bali as a really business opportunity. 

Was there anyone instrumental in making this happen?

Yes, we partnered with two co-founders when we first launched the business. Kayla Adams and Mindy Gayer were and have continued to be absolutely instrumental in creating the business as it is today. Also, shout out to the two groups of artisans we work with in Indonesia. The owners of those workshops have been really open to our dream of creating really amazing furniture in parts of the world where that isn’t always the easiest. 

What are people overlooking when it comes to choosing furnishing for their home?

I think people forget that there is so much energy built into every product. From the sun that grows the trees, to the energy that the tree puts into growing itself, the hard work of artisans working to support their families., etc. There’s so much energy put into these products. They are like little super-charged artifacts. They can either be supercharged with positive energy or negative energy depending on how things are produced and the materials that are used. Our customers live their life around these pieces of furniture, so I think it’s really important to bring the most positive vibes into your home. 

We know having your own business comes with twist and turns. Any fun beginner stories to share? 

Oh gosh… yes, make sure that your furniture doesn’t break when peoples sit in it. That was our first lesson. 🙂 All failure is a gift because it’s the only way we grow.

Häti Home is constantly evolving, we are intrigued by your current small batch designs, can you share more about them and/or this concept?

Our editions collection came from a desire to be creative and push the boundaries of what we thought was possible in ourselves and with the artisans. We’ve spent most of our existence trying to catch up with orders for the same general products. Obviously we are really grateful for that, but we always wanted to be building a brand that evolved as our interest (and those of our customers) changed over time. Our editions collection is really just a way for us to experiment, see what our customers are liking. Some items fall flat and then others I’m sure will become best-sellers. 

Business school, yay or nay? 

Sometimes I wish I have a bit more book knowledge, but overall I think we get the most value out of being scrappy. I look at our difficult seasons in business as a free MBA. 

Where do you draw your inspiration (people/books/places/experiences)?

A lot of Kallie’s inspiration comes from Bali. For us, it’s one of the most creative places on earth, where you can do and or be almost anything. But I wouldn’t say that our brand really wants to have a Bali aesthetic. Most of the inspiration for our new items are rooted in antiques that we find in markets or on the internet. 

Do you cook at home?  If so, what is your favorite go-to?

We cook a lot at home. We have season’s of inspiration when it comes to what we cook. Now days we eat a lot of salads with fish. The kids grew up in Bali, so there’s always rice on the table. 

Adam & Kallie Thomson on a lark of their own in Bali!

Although our 10/12/23 lark at Häti Home w/the talented Chef Taylor Elam + Sous Chef Matthew Roberts is sold out, we invite you to come along and through our images and stories!

Modern. Organic. Inspirational. Social Dining. Come on a lark with us!