Lark on the {Video] Line…. | Chasing our Brightest Light in Huntington Beach, California

What would you do if you could do anything?

Thrilled to share our first ever video interview of owner + creative director & (most importantly) mother Lisa Gutierrez Martinez sharing how she arrived to take us on a lark!

Image captured by on a super fun lark at Costa Cabana in East Side Costa Mesa. Black linen jumper hand-made by our talented friend in the wolf pack @lupothelable

Super thankful to Mompreneur Next Door for creating a platform to inspire other people to chase their brightest light!

Here’s a fun Q & A to compliment the video:

Q. What did your life look like when you started your business?

A. I had carried the idea of having my own business for so long, that when it came to fruition, it felt like breathing a dream. 

Q. Why did you choose what you did?

A. I want as much control of my life as possible. I want to live intentionally. I was, and am, seeking an interesting and well-lived life.  

Q. How has being a mompreneur has changed your life?

A. It gave us, myself and my family, a freedom I had once only imaged. 

Q. What is your biggest challenge?

A. Not having a set schedule has been challenging, but I love to work on lark every chance I get. Some days I am fully immersed. Other days I have to be satisfied with the smallest step forward. 

Q. How do you set boundaries when working from home?

A. I, by intention, don’t have boundaries. I love my work and I love my family and I don’t mind them spending time together.

Q. What are the benefits to doing this and what the most surprising one has been?

A. I love being able to pursue the things that interest me; including the opportunity to collaborate and learn from people I respect and admire. 

Q. Any advice you would give to your younger self?

A. Take smart risks, don’t hesitate too long. You have to jump in to learn how to swim.

Q. Two or three actionable items/tips that you can share with the listeners that they can implement immediately.

A. Three things: 1) Action creates opportunity. 2) Persistence pays. 3) Collaborate; we (all) rise by lifting others.  

Q. Anything you are currently reading/listening to that you would recommend?

A. For podcast, I suggest “Second Life” by Hillary Kerr. For books, I have three… get them in paperback…mark off, highlight, write notes, so you can pick them up again and again and be inspired:

1. Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert 

2. You Are A Bad Ass by Jen Sincero 

3. Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott 

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